Why do we have a Dog Management Policy?

    Glenorchy City Council, as with all Councils across Tasmania, is required to develop a Dog Management Policy to comply with the Dog Control Act 2000. This policy must include information on responsible dog ownership, a fee structure and must identify areas of Glenorchy that dogs are allowed on or off lead, or not allowed at all. The policy must be reviewed every five years, and Council must invite the community to submit their comments on what should or shouldn’t be included in it.

    How can I be a responsible dog owner?

    There are a number of ways you can make sure you're a responsible dog owner. Registering and microchipping are two of the most important, both of which you must do under Tasmanian law.

    To find out more on how to be a responsible dog owner, head over to the dog section of Glenorchy City Council's website here - https://www.gcc.tas.gov.au/services/animals-and-pets/dogs-and-dog-registration/

    What do our dog registration fees go towards?

    It is the Law for every dog to be registered under the Dog Control Act 2000 which was enacted by the Tasmanian Government.

    Paying for your dog's registration allows for Council to be able to provide and maintain dog exercise facilities for the community. It also enables Council to provide effective management of, and reduction in, dog problems within Glenorchy.

    Fees help Council to employ Officers to assist the community by collecting stray dogs, investigate complaints and dog attacks, offer an after-hours service for dog attacks, investigate animal welfare issues and educate the community on responsible dog ownership.

    Council also supports the running of the Dog's Home of Tasmania's facility in Hobart, where strays are taken for care until their owners are found, or until they are rehomed if they have been abandoned.

    Thank you for responsibly registering your dog and helping Council provide these services to the community.

    Can I exercise my dog at sports ovals?

    No. Sports grounds are prohibited under the Dog Control Act 2000, and you must not take your dog there. This does not apply to guide or hearing dogs.

    Did you know?... Schools, preschools, kindergartens, creches, shopping centres/shops, public swimming pools and children's playgrounds are also prohibited areas.

    Is there a dog etiquette at dog parks?

    Just like humans, dogs are all different. Some are party animals - they love the buzz of the dog park, hanging with their buddies and sniffing out all the latest goss. Others are more reserved - they need a little space and time to settle in, and don’t always want to hang with the pack.

    So please keep an eye on your furry friend - make sure they're feeling safe, comfortable and playing appropriately.

    Let’s all enjoy our dog parks, no matter what our doggie style!