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  • Can the park in Hestercombe Rd, Granton please be considered for an upgrade, it is very lacking for things for children to play on. Plus the busy swing has rusty sharp metal exposed. The playground needs address also with the fact it floods after heavy or constant rain fall as it currently sits below ground level. Also no secure fence to help keep young child safe and dogs out when the park is reasonably close to the road

    Angela Fell asked 2 months ago

    Hi Angela, 

    Hestercombe Road’s playspace is identified for renewal but not immediately. So if all goes according to plan approx 2026.  

    A link to our playground strategy and further information on playground upgrades happening across the municipality can be found via the following links on our website.



  • Any chance the Johnston street reserved could get upgrade only have 4 swings 2 seats no pine bark if the children fall could break their legs or arms , it does have a lot of people use it thanks

    Maxine Slater Briers asked 2 months ago

    Hi Maxine, 

    Unfortunately Johnston Street Reserve is among some of the few playspaces Council had earmarked for decommission. The equipment will be removed in due course, however the reserve will remain as public open space post removal of the equipment in the near future.

    Council has a lot of play spaces that are approaching the end of their life that require renewal (44 in total) and have a major playground renewal program underway. Whilst we can’t upgrade everything at once, we have recently developed two destination playspaces (Benjafield Park, Moonah and Giblins Reserve, Goodwood) as well as progressing through a list various others across the municipality.

    A link to our playground strategy and further information on playground upgrades happening across the municipality can be found via the following links on our website.



  • You've completed several playground upgrades recently which is fantastic. Are there any plans for Cooinda Park (on Springfield Ave)? This playground is very outdated.

    Hvet13 asked 2 months ago

    Hi Hvet13,

    Thank you so much for your enquiry.

    Cooinda Park is on the list for playgrounds that will be worked on in 2024/2025.

    For more information regarding play spaces that will be updated please see the link below:


  • Hi, is there any chance of getting the new pavers outside the shops cleaned. They are starting to look scrappy from thrown eggs and things?

    Helen Highwater asked 5 months ago

    Hi Helen Highwater, 

    Thank you for your question. 

    To ensure we get all the information we need to respond to your query, please submit a service request here: https://www.gcc.tas.gov.au/services/works/report-a-problem/ or call our Customer Service team on 6216 6800. 

  • Hi there, are you able to put signs up on the Brooker to ask trucks to not use air/compression brakes between 11pm and 6am? I am woken very regularly with the long and loud use of air brakes through the night and I am about 5 streets away from the highway on the hill in Lutana. This would fall under the industrial motor vehicles section https://epa.tas.gov.au/environment/noise/noise-management/residential-noise-and-hours-of-use Regards

    AngeB asked 5 months ago

    Hi AngeB,

    Thank you for your question. 

    As the Brooker Highway is a State Road this question would need to be directed to the Department of State Growth. Our Transport Engineer has highlighted that there is currently a sign advising trucks to avoid using their breaks for traffic heading south on the Brooker Highway at the junction with Lampton Avenue (pictured).  This is an information sign and can’t be enforced.

    You can contact the Department of State Growth via 1800 030 688 or info@stategrowth.tas.gov.au. More contact details here: https://www.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/contact_us#


  • How can we beautify the space opposite The Peace Forest in Berriedale between the railway track and residential homes? It gets sprayed with chemicals so it always looks like a barren lunar landscape. I would wish it to look as lush as some of the other spaces alongside the railway track. Maybe a grant can be applied for so that a volunteer group can plant trees etc?

    Matildanna asked 5 months ago

    Hello Matildanna,

    Thank you for getting in touch. 

    The areas opposite The Peace Forest in Berriedale, between the railway track and residential homes, is owned by the Department of State Growth (DSG) and is classified as a rail corridor. Any queries on this patch of land would need to go to DSG. DSG can be contacted via 1800 030 688 or info@stategrowth.tas.gov.au. More contact details here: https://www.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/contact_us#

    If you’d like to discuss further please contact our Landscape Architect via 6216 6800. 

  • Can you maybe ask the members of the public if we are happy with these speed changes? Cos I’m not. I’m done with these ‘safety measures’ when at night, there’s no cars on the road and we are crawling along. And during the day, people drive slow and unsafe anyway, so why can’t we just have a moment of being able to do 60km/hr when it’s been safe to do so FOR YEARS. Why is it suddenly unacceptable? ASK THE RATE PAYERS FIRST.

    Angela101010101 asked 5 months ago

    Hi Angela101010101 ,

    Thank you for your question.  

    Council undertook a comprehensive review of the posted speed limits on our road network and has undertaken community consultation.  

    Research indicates that lower speeds reduce the severity of crashes and save lives. A 5% reduction in average vehicle speed is expected to reduce fatalities by 21%, serious injuries by 14%, and other/minor injuries by 7%.  This reduction is even more so with pedestrians. The speed limit change is unlikely to cause traffic to divert to other streets or cause congestion or increase travel times substantially.  Savings in travel time by travelling at 60km/h compared to 50km/h over one kilometre saves only 12 seconds. 

    Community engagement enables quality decision making by Council and we are committed to engaging with our community through planned processes (you can find more information on how we do this in our Community Engagement Guide).   To ensure that our community's input and perspectives were heard and considered, Council undertook a comprehensive consultation process on the proposed speed limit changes. Information was placed on Council’s Let’s Talk, Glenorchy online engagement platform from 4 September to 8 October 2023.  The page had a survey, and a map tool where respondents could provide comments. The page also featured a FAQ section, a lifecycle of the project and contact details of relevant staff. Council’s Facebook page was used to direct the community to the Let’s Talk page and information posters were placed in Council’s display cabinets at Northgate and at Chambers.

    You can view the report to Council here (page 18) and the detailed proposal to the November Council meeting here.

    This detailed summary of comments in the above report reflects the diverse perspectives expressed by the community during this consultation process, contributing to a well-rounded understanding of the considerations and concerns surrounding the proposed speed limit reductions.  Despite a proportion of survey respondents opposing the speed limit changes, the recommendation to Council to implement speed limit reductions remained unchanged and Council endorsed the changes to improve the safety of all road users on our roads.

    The core objective of these reductions is to enhance road safety while encouraging active transport. Lowering speed limits reduces the risk of accidents and, in the event of a collision, minimises the severity of the impact. The feedback from the community plays a vital role in this decision-making process, and as you’ll see in the responses to feedback contained the report, all responses were thoroughly considered in making the recommendations.

    If you would like any further information please contact Council’s Transport Engineer on 6216 6800.